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Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Price Comparison

Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Price Comparison

The state of marijuana is now one of the US states having an extensive and functional medical marijuana program. Suppose you’re diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition. In that case, you can get registered as a medical marijuana patient within the state allowing you to enjoy several benefits, specific to medical marijuana patients. But how much does an Ohio medical marijuana card cost you if you’re applying for a new card or renewing an old card? Let’s find that out today.

Factors that are going to affect your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card price

Okay, so there are going to be some factors that are going to impact the overall cost of an Ohio medical marijuana card. The state has infact taken measures to ensure that most people have to pay a moderate amount of money for a new medical marijuana card or renewal. Still, the following factors can impact the individual price each new or existing patient will be paying,

  • Consultation Fee

Applying for a medical marijuana card can be quite confusing, especially if it’s your first time doing so. Most people get consultation services from popular medical marijuana consultants around them. These consultants usually charge a fee for their services which infact adds to the overall cost of getting a medical marijuana card. The most popular consultation service is booking a medical evaluation appointment with an authorized medical marijuana doctor.

  • Card Renewal Fee

As per the Ohio medical marijuana laws, the Ohio medical marijuana card is only valid for one year. After that, you’ll need to pay a card renewal fee which is another expense affecting your overall cost of getting a medical marijuana card in Ohio.

  • Medical Marijuana Products

The medical marijuana products you are currently using or are going to use in the future impact the overall cost of getting and then maintaining a medical marijuana card in Ohio. These products are going to vary based on personal preferences and needs.

Does ‘Ohio 420 Doctors’ offer better card application or renewal packages?

The ‘Ohio 420 doctors’ have been active in providing consultation and medical evaluation appointment booking services for quite some years now. We have a dedicated and professional network of medical marijuana doctors, approved by Ohio’s medical marijuana commission. Along with several quick-processing and reliable services, here’s a price breakdown of our services in comparison with some of our best competitors currently active,

  • Ohio 420 doctors: $189 (Initial Consultation), $149 (Annual Renewal)
  • Others: $240 (Initial Consultation), $199 (Annual Renewal)

Are there any potential benefits of getting a medical marijuana card in Ohio?

Yes, even though both recreational and medical marijuana are now legal within the state of Ohio, having a state-issued medical marijuana card surely has its benefits. Here are some of the prominent ones,

  1. As the state’s law enforcement agencies are still adapting to the new medical marijuana laws, having a medical marijuana card offers legal protection against potential penalties.
  2. Having a medical marijuana card means that you’ll be given priority to access medical marijuana products throughout the 56 state-operated medical marijuana dispensaries.
  3. A medical marijuana card can prove to be super cost-effective in the long term when you need to access certain medical marijuana products for your well-being.

Final Note

The state of Ohio has surely introduced some incredible medical marijuana-related reforms which infact have sparked the number of registered medical marijuana patients within the state. Amidst all of this, you must be well aware of how much is it going to cost you, if you’re thinking about getting a new medical marijuana card or renewing an already existing one within the state of Ohio.

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