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420 Friendly Restaurants In Ohio That You Need To Try!

420 Friendly Restaurants In Ohio

The state of Ohio has recently legalized the use of recreational cannabis for adults who are older than 21 and have been living in the state of Ohio permanently. The Ohio medical marijuana program is already quite popular across the country for its diversity and user-centered policies. These changes in years-old laws are one of the many reasons why 420-friendly restaurants have now started to boom within the state.

Well, here are our top 3 picks for 420-friendly restaurants in Ohio that you need to try out yourself,

1. The Rhind

The Rhined is quite popular among Ohio’s cannabis enthusiasts for its special 420-focused boards. The boards can usually serve 4-8, ‘depending on how fried you are’ as the restaurant staff loves to say with a variety of delicacies such as peanut butter cups, Flamin’ Hot Pretzels, caramel corn, gummy bears, charcuterie, pickles and pimento cheese. If you’re planning to visit, make sure to place your order a day in advance through The Rhind’s ordering website.

2. Toppers Pizza

Is there anything better than a well-baked pizza? Yes, your favorite pizza with a touch of your favorite strains. This is the very same idea that led to the foundation of Toppers Pizza ten years ago. You can get a massive 50% discount on your order as a part of the worldwide Topperstix Day celebration. Topperstix is among the restaurant’s top-sellers made from breadsticks available in options like nacho, pepperoni, and cheese. You can also opt for options like ground beef, fire-roasted jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, nacho cheese, and the super popular diced tomatoes. They also offer ‘special’ birthday cakes with cream cheese frosting, sugar, cinnamon, and sprinkles. The restaurant only offers pick-up or delivery services.

3. Cheba Hut

This restaurant is planning to create the first-ever block party space with live music, starting late this April. Cheba Hut specializes in ‘toasted’ subs and the block party aims to introduce glass blowers, a joint-rolling contest, pothead-friendly vendors, and 420 flash tattoos from Beelistic with Nugs all day for just $4.20.

Final Note

There surely are some great 420-friendly restaurants across the state of Ohio. However, the state has yet to see a massive boom in the 420-friendly restaurant space as recreational cannabis was legalized by the state earlier this year. Based on the spirits of cannabis enthusiasts across the state, these restaurants are going to be quite busy throughout the years to come.

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