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Can I Go To A Dispensary Without A Card in Ohio?

Can I Go To A Dispensary Without A Card in Ohio?

If you’re wondering, can I visit a dispensary in Ohio even though I don’t have a medical card? No, you can not. In Ohio, it is illegal to buy marijuana without a medical marijuana card.

Is A Medical Card Required At A Dispensary In Ohio?

You must present your government-issued ID and medical marijuana card before you can buy cannabis in Ohio.

What Are the Requirements To Get a Medical Card in Ohio?

To get a medical card in Ohio, you need to see a licensed physician who can confirm that you have a qualifying medical condition. After approval, the physician will send your information to the Patient & Caregiver Registry so that the registration process can be finished.

Minors under the age of 18 require the permission of a licensed adult caregiver and a parent or legal guardian to obtain and administer medical marijuana on their behalf.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio?

Patients must be adults and at least 18 years old. A medical marijuana card cannot be obtained by a minor without the approval of their parents or legal guardians.

Which Medical Cannabis Forms Are Available at Ohio Dispensaries?

There are cannabis products to suit every personality and lifestyle, and the variety of medical marijuana products available at Ohio dispensaries is expanding. Upon visiting a nearby dispensary, you will discover a variety of products designed to enhance your well-being and facilitate your therapeutic objectives:

  • Edibles containing THC, such as baked goods, lozenges, and gummies
  • THC oils and tinctures
  • CBD oils and tinctures
  • Extracts from medical marijuana, such as rosins, waxes, live resins, and RSO
  • Topicals containing cannabis, such as gels, patches, and lotions, for external transdermal application
  • Flower cannabis to vape
  • Pens and cartridges for vaping medical marijuana

How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost at Ohio Dispensaries?

In Ohio, the price of medical marijuana varies from dispensary to dispensary and is based on the type of product (processed items usually cost more). It’s useful to know about the Ohio medical marijuana certification process in order to have a sense of what factors influence average cannabis pricing.

  • Before any cannabis product is suitable for Ohioan patients, it must pass three crucial phases in the medical marijuana industry:
  • Growing the cannabis plants that yield medical marijuana is the responsibility of the licensed cultivators, who start the production process.
  • The processors come next, taking the raw cannabis plant material and preparing it into various forms for sale at retail.
  • The legal cannabis stores that sell directly to patients purchase the products from the medical marijuana processors.

All medical marijuana products supplied in Ohio are subject to extensive lab testing to guarantee potency, safety, and purity in addition to cultivation, processing, and wholesale distribution to dispensaries.

Since Ohio dispensaries are free to set their prices for their products, some may be more affordable than others.


In Ohio, you cannot buy marijuana from the dispensary without a medical marijuana card. Therefore, before entering the dispensary, you should apply for an Ohio medical marijuana card.

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