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contact@ohio420doctors.comMon-Sun : 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Verilife – Cincinnati Dispensary

VerilifeAddress: 5431 Ridge Avenue: Cincinnati, OH 45213
​Phone: (513-599-1550)
Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday: 9 AM – 8:30 PM
Veterans: 15% discount
Indigent Status: 15% discount ​


Verilife Dispensary, Cincinnati offers you access to several quality medical marijuana products with 24/7 active consultation support. Here’s an overview of what they offer and why we’re so proud of it,

  1. Cannabis flowers are a popular choice for many cannabis enthusiasts in Cincinnati, Ohio. We offer both Tier-1 (up to 23% THC) and Tier-2 (up to 25%-35% THC) products with the Tier-2 flowers costing more. On average, an ‘Ohio tenth’ (2.83) is going to cost somewhere between $18-$60 greatly depending upon the type of flower Tier. The packaging options usually include 5.66 grams, 8.49 grams, 11.32 grams, 14.15 grams, or 28.3 grams.
  2. Tinctures are quite popular as you can easily consume these oral drops sublingually. These are a great source of a reliable and consistent THC/CBD dose often available in either THC-dominant, CBD-dominant, or THC-CBD balanced options.
  3. Patients can now enjoy cannabis-infused edibles in a variety of new forms offering consistent soothing effects that can last up to 8 hours on average. It has already been scientifically proven that THC-infused edibles have a relatively high psychoactive potency than the rest of cannabis concentrates and products. Gummies, edible oil, lozenges, peppermints, dried fruit leather, and dark/milk chocolates are some of our very popular cannabis-edibles variants.
  4. Concentrated oils and waxes are among our top cannabis-infused sellers as well. With a maximum THC limit of 70%, these oils and waxes are an ideal choice for patients aiming to get potent relief. We offer several varieties and brands that have a strong grip over Ohio cannabis enthusiasts.
  5. Transdermal patches were the very first topicals introduced in an Ohio cannabis dispensary. Patches can be directly applied to the skin, allowing the concentration absorbed by the bloodstream, offering a 12-hour relief. The patch usually comes in an 11mg THC option and a 21mg THC option.

How can you get your Ohio medical marijuana card with us?

The state of Ohio has a functional and diverse medical marijuana program allowing qualified patients to apply for an Ohio medical marijuana card from across the state. Now, in a city like Cincinnati, where life can be super busy at times, a lot of people do feel like they need some guidance regarding medical marijuana services and products. This is where Ohio 420 Doctors comes into the picture.

Ohio 420 Doctors make applying for an Ohio medical marijuana card super convenient for you. As per the Ohio medical marijuana laws, you must be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition to be marked eligible for a medical marijuana card. We have a dedicated and extensive network of certified medical marijuana doctors who can provide you with a medical diagnosis on the same day of your medical evaluation appointment. Once you have the medical diagnosis, you can then apply for a new medical marijuana card or renew an existing one, completely online!

Verilife Dispensary Cincinnati

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